ShieldSquare is a cloud-based, real-time bot prevention solution that helps online businesses detect and prevent malicious bot attacks on websites and mobile applications. Our mission is to protect websites from automated bots without affecting genuine user experience.We are trusted by Alexa top 500 websites and businesses that are spread across 68 countries.

The Technology

ShieldSquare uses cutting-edge technologies to detect, categorize and prevent malicious bots in real-time. Our API-based technology and machine learning techniques, backed by an in-house data science team, gives us an edge in providing accurate and flexible solutions that match our customers’ business requirements. Processing billions of page requests on monthly basis, our real-time bot prevention technology protects businesses spread across the globe against the threats of content scraping, price scraping, form spam, skewed analytics and so on.

We use multiple methodologies, like unique device fingerprinting, dynamic turing tests and user behavior analysis to name a few, to uncover bot activity and ensure zero false positives. Learn more: Our Technology / Why Choose Us

Founding Team

ShieldSquare is the brainchild of an awesome team of seasoned professionals, who come with prior hands-on experience in building enterprise-class products in the areas of fraud detection, authentication, payments and more.

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Pavan Kumar Thatha


Pavan is the Co-Founder and CEO of ShieldSquare, a globally emerging cloud based real-time bot-prevention solution. He comes with 12 years of experience in business strategy, marketing and product development. Earlier, he co-founded ArrayShield, creating an innovative Two Factor Authentication product. Pavan is a frequent speaker at various global Security Forums and Events including that of ISACA.

The most trusted name in security

Rakesh Kumar Thatha


As a security researcher, Rakesh loves building complex scalable security systems. In his last venture, Rakesh conceptualized a patent pending pattern-based two factor authentication product that won global recognitions for its innovation.

The most trusted name in security

Vasanth Kumar Gopalakrishnan

COO and Head of Business Development

Vasanth comes with 15 years of experience in software engineering, business development and product management. Vasanth has co-founded an online content portal before, and currently handles Business Development and Global Partnerships at ShieldSquare.

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Jyoti Kakatkar

Head of Product Engineering

Jyoti Kakatkar has over 16 years of experience in the cybersecurity space, and has built security products for companies like HP, Arcot, and Verifone. She played a major role in the team that built 3D Secure which is used by Visa and MasterCard for all credit card payments across the globe.

The most trusted name in security

Srikanth Konijeti

Head of Data Science

Srikanth Konijeti has more than decade of experience in building software applications using multiple Web technologies. Prior to joining ShieldSquare, Srikanth has worked with Sony & ABB, and has strong expertise in building products and developing diverse Web applications.

Trusted by businesses across 68 countries

"We’re extremely happy with ShieldSquare’s solution that not only takes care of blocking all the bad bots but also provides comprehensive bot analysis. ShieldSquare have really kept their promise of zero false positives, as a result we are able to satisfy our website visitors better than ever!"

John Potter, Chief Technology Officer
Purch Group Inc.

"We are happy that implementation of ShieldSquare has protected our listings and content from most scrapers, provided enhanced user experience, as well as reduced server loads. ShieldSquare support has been excellent and their willingness to work with us to improve their product to further identify stealthy bots has given us added benefits."

Magdalene Chua, Director, IT
Yellow Pages

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