Block Credential Stuffing & Brute Force Attacks | Account Takeover Prevention

Unauthorized account access and fraudulent transactions are committed through account takeover. Brute force attacks and credential stuffing are the two most common techniques used by fraudsters to take over accounts. ShieldSquare’s bot management solution uses advanced user behavior analysis to detect large-scale distributed account takeover attempts.

Impact of Account Takeover on Your Business

Unauthorized Account Access and Online Fraud

Hackers employ botnets to programmatically target user accounts. Attackers use stolen credentials to gain account access, make unauthorized transactions, transfer rewards and wallet money. Fraudsters also exploit the propensity of users to reuse credentials across multiple sites and applications.

Our bot intent analysis reads beyond mouse movements and keystrokes to detect highly sophisticated human-like bots. We apply 250+ parameters, collected from the end user’s browser, to block account takeover attempts.

Unauthorized Account Access and Online Fraud

Loss of Brand Reputation

Account takeover attempts on an e-tailer’s portal sabotages customer loyalty efforts. The customers feel duped after an account takeover attack. Account takeovers undermine the customer confidence in your services and cause revenue loss.

ShieldSquare’s bot detection engine uses deep user behavior analysis, device fingerprinting, and collective bot intelligence to spot account takeover attempts.

Loss of Brand Reputation

Learn How A Top E-tailer Defeated Account Takeover


Secure Customer Accounts from Fraud

Secure Customer Accounts From Fraud

Safeguard Reward Programs and Increase Customer Confidence

Safeguard Reward Programs And Increase Customer Confidence

Protect Brand Loyalty

Protect Brand Loyalty

Protect Your Business From Account Takeover
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