ShieldSquare named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management Report, Q3 2018. Click to know more.

ShieldSquare named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management Report, Q3 2018. Click to know more.

Bot Detection

It's time to protect your APIs from bot threats

To generate potential revenue opportunities, organizations are transforming their businesses by making their applications available through APIs. While APIs connect enterprises with mobile apps and a large community of developers, these APIs also need to be reliable and most importantly secure.

As these businesses start monetizing their resources through digital channels, they need to become more vigilant about security and prevent their APIs against threats and hacks.

Mitigate risks and downtime due to API attacks

Both accidental and malicious abuse of your API can hammer your servers causing downtime for you and your customers. Protect your API with ShieldSquare API security.

Use ShieldSquare API Security to automatically shield against API attacks, abuses and threats

Mitigate risks and eliminate vulnerabilities with our comprehensive security features that help you safely get to market

Expose and share your API applications and data securely

Automated Bot Detection
ShieldSquare Bot Detection

Prevent API scraping

When business content is exposed through APIs, a new class of threats from bots and scrapers arise. Proactively addressing them ensures that your business remains competitive and secure.

Scrapers exploit API vulnerabilities to scrape valuable enterprise content/data from the APIs using malicious bots, and use the content/data for malicious purposes

Scrapers reverse engineer how web and mobile apps interact with their APIs, and hijack API calls to scrape data

Advanced browser integrity checks and API rate limiting

Use ShieldSquare Advanced Browser integrity checks to validate requests and see if a legitimate browser is making the API request. If not, automatically take proper action against these bots

Protect APIs by using ShieldSquare API Rate limiting. ShieldSquare provides per token and per IP rate limiting to prevent token cycling and token distribution. You can set high numbers for partners to have continuous access to them, and strict numbers for suspicious clients.

Secure your website with ShieldSquare
ShieldSquare Bot Detection

Comprehensive reports and analytics

Comprehensive reports on bots – Use the Web-based dashboards to get real-time visibility, exhaustive drill-down information and the minutest details on bots that clearly indicate every type of malicious activity attempted on the API

Bot traffic analytics – Dashboards and out-of-the-box reports provide visibility into APIs and services from different perspectives. You can understand API traffic dynamics and take informed decisions accordingly

Deploy in the cloud, Web server or as an appliance

You can choose how and where you deploy to best meet the need of your business

Cloud Connectors - ShieldSquare API security provides easy to integrate and highly available connectors that can be integrated into your existing technologies. You can get these connectors in all popular languages like Java, PHP, .Net,Ruby, Python and Node.js, and so on

Web Server Plugins - ShieldSquare provides easy to integrate Web server plugins for Apache and Nginx. These plugins require NO code changes at the Web application level. This helps the DevOps team to quickly integrate the ShieldSquare API security solution

Virtual Appliance - Deploy ShieldSquare API security as a virtual appliance that is co-located within your IT infrastructure

Secure your website with ShieldSquare

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