ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Battling the Chennai Flood and Ensuring Website Security

December 7, 2015 | All News & Events

Chennai Flood

Natural disasters are often unprecedented and when they eventually happen, render business operations stranded for an indefinite period of time.The recovery process is painful and the aftermath that follows is quite disheartening both for business owners and customers.

ShieldSquare’s Chennai-based operations ( Support, Sales & Marketing )  were severely affected by the flood caused due to the heavy downpour of a freakish rain that occurred after 100 years, as per weather and climate experts. Close to 80% of the city was engulfed by flood water and running daily business activities was close to impossible.

Most of our co-workers were trapped in their own houses with no power, adequate food or water. Basic survival was a challenge and as all the communication networks crashed, there was no way to know the safety of our colleagues. There were critical business operations to be handled  and customers across 44 countries were at stake!

As the flood aggravated, ShieldSquare’s Bangalore-based team ( Product, Dev.Ops & Engineering ) seamlessly picked up the baton that dropped in Chennai and quickly ensured that all priority requests of customers are owned and handled in no time. Although overlooked by most, having strategic business units across distinct geographies came to our rescue and we were successful in providing security services despite being hit by a disaster.

Operating over the cloud ensured that none of our data centers across the US, Europe and Asia were impacted and all the services were actively running with zero downtime.These are testing times and securing website content is as important to us, as it is for our customers. Our operations in Chennai have now resumed with everyone safe and sound. The dark hours are over and the time is right to bounce back and make a difference.

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