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Bot traffic affecting Web portals and Mobile Apps

Almost half of the Web traffic is comprised of bots. Targeting online businesses of all types, a majority of these bots are created with malicious intents, to execute Web scraping, content theft, form spam, and skew website analytics data.These bots generate huge traffic that increases server loads and wastes bandwidth resources, thereby slowing down websites, and creating a bad user experience.They contribute to fraudulent activities, impacting the credibility and brand competitiveness of the website.

Automated Bot Detection

Traditional analytics tools will not show bot traffic coming to your website. In fact, traffic shown as legitimate might be from Web scrapers targeting your content

ShieldSquare real-time bot detection protects your Web content by accurately blocking bots and ensuring zero-false positives

ShieldSquare helps website owners and CxOs identify and detect bots in real-time

Why choose ShieldSquare bot detection service

Existing Web security solutions, such as Web Application Firewalls (WAF), will protect websites against threats such as SQL Injection, XSS/DDoS attacks, and application vulnerabilities. However, they are ineffective when it comes to protecting Web content from malicious scrapers and automated bot attacks, programmed to execute content scraping, price scraping and form spam .

Moreover, WAF solutions lack the adaptability to stop emerging bot threats.

Secure your online portals with ShieldSquare

How much of your Web traffic is from real users?

bot detection real-time dash board demo

With ShieldSquare:

Get comprehensive insights on bot traffic coming to your website

Accurately detect and categorize bot types and their sources

Identify and take the right action (block, allow, show CAPTCHA, fake data, etc) against automated bots sent by your competitors to scrape content

Reduce server loads and bandwidth costs

Enhance user experience on your website

Improve SEO and retain your competitive edge

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