ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Attackers reverse engineer mobile and web applications to hijack API calls, and program bots to invade your business APIs. They target APIs to take over accounts, scrape business-critical data, and also perform application distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Bots deluge the API server with unwanted requests. It’s essential to accurately distinguish between good API calls and Bad API calls for online businesses. Radware Bot Manager processes about a trillion API calls every year, the intelligence gathered from processing such a vast number of requests helps us differentiate good API calls from sophisticated bad API calls and block malicious requests.

Safeguard APIs Against Malicious Requests, Account Takeover, Scraping, and DDoS

Real-time Protection Against API Vulnerabilities

  • APIs are increasingly used to exchange data or to integrate with partners. Radware Bot Manager protects business-critical APIs against scraping, and application DDoS attacks, and ensures secure access of data.
  • Blocks attempts to bypass device profiling, and direct API access to perform account takeover attacks.
  • Reduces total API calls and unexpected surge in third-party API usage by filtering unauthorized requests.
  • Filters request from headless browsers (e.g., Phantom Js) and browser automation tools (e.g., Selenium), and block browser-not-present requests.

Advanced Mitigation Technology To Prevent API Abuse

  • Detects and filters unwanted traffic including requests from automation scripts. Analyzes each and every API request including metadata to identify anomalous behavior patterns and performs intent analysis to understand the actual intent behind an API request to filter bad API calls.
  • Advanced browser and mobile integrity checks and fingerprinting can identify automation, emulators and attempts to reverse engineer the mobile SDKs. Radware Bot Manager provides rate limiting based on multiple parameters to prevent token cycling and token distribution.
  • Verifies traffic to the API server as well as mobile app server to ensure that only genuine users have access to your APIs.

Seamless Deployment

  • Deploy Radware Bot Manager as stand-alone protection for your APIs. You can also integrate with your existing security infrastructure and API management solution to ensure overall API security.
  • Radware Bot Manager's Bot Mitigation for APIs doesn’t require traffic redirection and can be seamlessly embedded into existing infrastructure using SDKs and web server plugins.

Know More About Our Solution, Technology, and Integration Options

Are your web assets, mobile apps, and APIs deluged by bad bot traffic? Choose Radware Bot Manager. Learn how it works.

We apply collection of advanced invalid traffic (IVT) detection technologies based on fingerprinting, behavioral modeling, threat intelligence and semi-supervised machine learning models to eliminate bad bots. Learn more about our technology.

Are your web applications vulnerable to automated threats? Talk to bot mitigation experts to protect your internet properties against bots in real-time. Learn more

Are your mobile web applications, and apps used as an attack vector by bot operators? Talk to us for protection against automated attacks. Learn more

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