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How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Register Now

Bot Detection

Bots playing havoc on web portals and mobile apps

Numerous automated programs (bots) impact online businesses by stealing content, generating spam and abusing the site in the form of ticket scalping, shill bidding, auction sniping, account takeover, carding, and so on.

Uncontrolled bot traffic increases website latency, reduces performance of mobile applications, skews traffic analytics and results in bad user experience. Learn more >>

Automated bot detection

Bot traffic will rarely show up on traditional analytics tools. In most cases, bot attacks may appear to be legitimate traffic engaging with your site

With ShieldSquare bot detection, the website or mobile app owner gets granular visibility into bot traffic in real-time.

Automated Bot Detection
ShieldSquare Bot Detection

Empowering you to take action

Set custom filters and actions as you desire to block bots of different types. ShieldSquare offers many customizations to choose from.

Stop bots in their tracks, challenge them with a CAPTCHA, feed fake data or use your own business logic to tailor a custom action against bots.

Choose ShieldSquare bot prevention service

Get to know detailed insights about each bot attacking your website or mobile app

Take action on bad bots before they cause any damage

Eliminate bot attacks from your competitors

Protect your brand value, unique online assets and revenue stream

Improve User Experience

Prevent pollution of traffic analytics

Decrease network and bandwidth costs

Secure your website with ShieldSquare

Step Up and Take Action

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