ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Are you losing money due to fake traffic from Affiliates?

June 18, 2015 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

Automation has helped online businesses to easily operate, but it’s also provided an outlet for fraudsters to profit. The scams carried out by different affiliate networks via bot traffic are bone chilling and dreadful than any other swindle story.

The Fake Bot Traffic from Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has been around for the past decade or so and has grown on par with online businesses. There is an ongoing concern of fraudulent tactics used by several affiliates, ripping off money from websites for nothing in return. This is accomplished by the use of bots / automated programs that visit the site instead of genuine humans. There are different types of such defrauding tactics and the truth is that the fake bot traffic will never generate a single sale nor a genuine visit that could benefit the website owner.

The most common affiliate fraud involves affiliates sending bogus traffic comprising of bots that visit your site and show up as genuine traffic on the analytics dashboard. Fraudulent affiliates can buy traffic from various sites by paying few dollars and bombard your site with visits and impressions that do not convert.

There are multiple bot tools that are available to generate fake bot traffic. This traffic is not generated by real humans visiting your site. They are generated by bot programs which keep refreshing site pages. The bot doesn’t buy your products, click your ads, share your site on social media or tell its friends about your business. Nothing that you actually want out of a visitor happens with a bot program.

Any affiliate can make use of these and fool you into believing that the traffic is genuine. Practicing caution is important for merchants and online businesses by thoroughly understanding the affiliate fraud. Segment your analytics, apply filters or consult an expert to know if you are becoming a victim of this fake traffic.

Thus, the consequence of having a fraudulent affiliate will turn out to be useless expenses and jeopardized future of the business.

The way forward with bot traffic detection

For all the portals who are paying affiliates based on the traffic they drive to the site, has to ensure they have a solution in place that will detect bot traffic (non-human) driven by affiliates.

When evaluating a bot detection and protection solution ensure that it is versatile, constantly improving and has the ability to employ multiple technologies to secure your site from fake bot traffic.

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