Content Equals Money

Your web content equals revenues

Many online businesses like online marketplaces, classifieds, social networks, news sites, real estate sites, job portals, etc ., rely on various forms of content to drive customer engagement.

Rich content developed over a period of time forms a significant asset for the business and plays a major role in revenue generation.

Competitors steal your content

Bots sent by competitors steal your website content and gain an unfair business advantage. The stolen data is used in other sites across the Web and some even sell the data for a profit

It results in duplication of your web content and increases the risk of loss of potential visitors and SEO rankings.

Identify Bots
ShieldSquare Empowerment

ShieldSquare to the rescue

Manually tracking and blocking bots can be tedious, ineffective and expensive. ShieldSquare helps differentiate bots from genuine users and secures your site perimeter

Always be notified of different bot types and take corrective action in real-time

Prevent unauthorized content duplication and loss of competitive advantage

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