Malicious bots target your business for scraping vital information such as pricings, seller information, and product specifications from your website or mobile app. Bots, sent by competitors, undercut your pricing strategy and use the pricing intelligence to overtake you in real time.

Impact of Bots on eCommerce Websites

Unscrupulous scraping

Bots are sent by scrapers and competitors to scrape your pricing strategies, SKUs, and your inventory data. Competitors use bots to underquote your product price in order to attract and acquire genuine users from your website.

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Cart abandonment

During peak sale season, bad bots sent by competitors tend to add a large number of products to the cart only to abandon them at a later stage. Sooner or later, most of the products would be abandoned and the sale would have never happened.

These carts reduce the inventory level, making the products in demand, unavailable for the genuine users. This will frustrate the genuine users and will make them move to your competitor websites or web apps.

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Skewed Analytics

Bots crawl your website and mobile apps thus generating bogus traffic. This unwanted traffic will affect the analytics providing false information (metrics) that are far from reality.

You will end up diverting your marketing spend on channels and sources that don’t convert, thanks to the wrong data from unchecked bot activity.

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Increased infrastructure cost

Bots hit your server with unwanted requests repeatedly in a short span of time, increasing your server and bandwidth utilizations. This will make you spend more to manage your server costs without you realizing that these are because of bad bot traffic. This unwanted traffic increases your server downtime which eventually leads to a dip in the overall sales.

Investing in a robust anti-bot solution will help you shield your business against the malicious bot activities and allows you to concentrate on expanding your business further by protecting your competitive advantage.

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