Price Scraping Bot Detection

Stop price scraping by bots

Price Scraping is the most common type of threat faced by e-commerce websites because of competitors' predatory pricing practices. Bots sent by competitors steal the pricing information in real-time and use it as competitive intelligence to undercut prices and drive away buyer traffic.

ShieldSquare proactively blocks bad bots that target your e-commerce website without impacting the genuine user experience.

Prevent loss of expert content

Developing expert content consumes resources like time and money. Product images, description, specifications, product reviews, seller information etc. are predominantly prone to theft

Act against bot traffic to secure your content and preserve your website's SEO ranking

Ecommerce Website Content Prevention

Ecommerce Bot Detection

Improve KPIs and decision making

Bots add items to the cart and the sale never happens. Undetected skewed cart data is often mistaken to be genuine as correct data does not shown on your analytics dashboard

Your e-commerce site’s KPIs are misrepresented leading to poor estimation of demand

Deploy ShieldSquare to unearth bot traffic based on exhaustive data analytics and improve data-driven strategic decision making. Check out our blog to know how your website traffic analytics is distorted due to bots

Prevent phantom shopping carts by bots

Competitor bots often add items to cart and create hundreds of them just to be abandoned. Such a malicious activity will lower the inventory level real time and show out-of-stock for a genuine user who's willing to buy

Also, a number of individual carts that are generated by bots create histories, cookies and misleads advertisers, publishers to show thier advertisement on these pages which leads to less revenues for ecommerce site. Using ShieldSquare, put an end to phantom carts real-time.

Ecommerce data prevention
Stop Bad Bot Traffic

Reduce server overload and downtime

Heavy bot traffic on your website overloads servers and increases the risk of a downtime

Using ShieldSquare, proactively monitor your website traffic, allowing only genuine users to access the site and reduce infrastructure costs

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