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How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Watch Now

E-commerce frauds such as account takeover, scalping, fake account creation, carding and gift card fraud are committed using bots. Competitors scrape prices, unique content and product listings to undercut your pricing strategy. Volumetric attacks cause shopping cart abuse and inventory exhaustion. Conventional ways of IP blacklisting and rate limiting are inefficient in blocking bots. Real-time response is essential to stop advanced bot attacks.

ShieldSquare uses non-intrusive API based approach to detect advanced bot activity on the internet properties and empowers businesses by responding to bots in real-time. ShieldSquare ensures that none of the genuine users get impacted in the process.

Prevent E-commerce Threats

Account Takeover

Fraudsters use bots to make fraudulent purchases using stolen user credentials. Hackers also gain control of accounts to harvest personal information and purchase history. And they can make the unauthorized transfer of virtual currencies such as reward points, wallet money, air miles, gift cards, etc.

With collective bot intelligence, ShieldSquare’s bot management solution continuously adapts to evolving bot patterns and can stop sophisticated account takeover attacks.

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Fraudsters use bots to test thousands of stolen credit card numbers against merchant’s payment processes. Card owners of stolen cards can claim a refund for the fraudulent transaction. It leads to chargebacks, penalties and poor merchant history. Frequent carding activities and too many chargebacks can eventually ban a merchant from accepting credit cards.

ShieldSquare’s bot detection engine uses anomaly detection to spot any suspicious activity across payment processing pages. We block carding attempts before they cause a financial fraud.

Block cart abandonment compe bots

Scraping of Price, Content & Inventory Information

Competitors scrape prices and product listings to attract your future customers. Such aggressive tactics sabotage retailer’s revenue stream. Scraping of unique and proprietary content is another common problem for online businesses. Duplication of exclusive content can negatively impact SEO efforts.

We currently protect online brands based in 70+ countries from being scraped by competitors. Brands can also outsmart competition by feeding fake pricing and product details to competitors’ bots using ShieldSquare’s Feed Fake Data method.

detect & block skewed analytics bots

Cart Abandonment & Inventory Exhaustion

Competitors’ bots add hundreds of items to carts and abandon them later to prevent real consumers from buying the products. These automated attacks create artificial inventory exhaustion, reduce sales, skew conversion rates and impair brand reputation.

ShieldSquare’s WebServer plugins can be quickly deployed to prevent bots from adding items to the shopping cart. This makes sure the inventory is available for real online shoppers.

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Application DoS

Application DoS (denial of service) attack affects the availability of websites. The surge in non-human traffic on checkout page can increase the load on inventory database and payment processing resources. Botnets perform large-scale layer 7 DoS attacks that are often low and slow to go undetected by conventional security measures. DoS attacks also create poor buying experience for your consumers. You can improve website performance and prevent service degradation using a bot management solution.

We can detect business logic abuse at layer 7 and block advanced bot attacks. ShieldSquare’s dashboard provides detailed bot traffic insights on pages with high automated traffic.

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Scalping Products & Tickets

Malicious bots eye periods of flash sale and buy valuable goods such as consumer electronics to sell them at a much higher price later. Bots are deployed to scoop up tickets for popular events in a matter of seconds, the moment they go on sale. You can stop ticket scalping/touting/resale by preventing bot attacks.

Rapid scanning of trending products and flash sale web pages by bots are detected and reported by ShieldSquare to enable you to make quick real-time decisions.

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Fake Account Creation

Criminals employ bots to create fake accounts to commit various forms of cyber crimes such as content spam, laundering virtual cash, spreading malware, skewing surveys and SEO.

Our fingerprinting technology and IP reputation features make account pharming extremely difficult. Our algorithms are battle-tested for Zero False Positives.

Anti Bot solution to control infrastructure cost

Skewed Analytics

Bot hits can add up to 50% of the traffic of an online retailer’s website. Separating human traffic from non-human is essential to get clean analytics. With accurate analytics data, marketing teams can take better decisions and get better results from the marketing campaigns.

Our bot management solution can be integrated with standard analytics platforms to filter bot traffic from human traffic. Using JavaScript Tag, you can get started in minutes without having any dependency on the backend technology.

Anti Bot solution to control infrastructure cost

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