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How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Watch Now


How can I use ShieldSquare to stop bots?

ShieldSquare is a SaaS-based API service. And all you require to do is to include few lines of JS + REST API code (we have cloud connectors for all popular languages).

Once you integrate the API call in your code, whenever the page loads we will intimate you if the incoming traffic is a human or bad bot. You can automatically decide to block or show a captcha to these bad bots as per your preference.

I am interested in using ShieldSquare. How do I get get started ?

Signup for our free trial at this link. We will create an account for you through which you can start integrating ShieldSquare service to your application.

Will good bots like Google Search Crawler get impacted due to ShieldSquare?

All good crawlers are whitelisted by default in ShieldSquare system. So they will never be stopped. In fact, by using ShieldSquare and stopping content theft, your SEO results will improve significantly.

What is the probability of genuine users on our site getting blocked because of ShieldSquare?

0% ! We assure you Zero False Positives. We triple check possible scrapers rather than run the risk of alienating a genuine user.

I am not so tech savvy. Will I still be able to use ShieldSquare ?

ShieldSquare integration involves changing the code of your Application. If you don’t have tech resources handy, our team can do the integration remotely. Contact us and we will take care.

Will my website / mobile app get affected if your service goes down?

No. Your website / mobile app will not get affected. We go to great lengths to ensure that our service never goes down. In the highly unlikely scenario that there is unacceptable latency, our system is automatically suspended to ensure that your business remains unaffected.

Where is ShieldSquare Cloud Service hosted?

We are hosted on the best Cloud Infra Services – AWS, Google Cloud, IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure. We have our servers spread across the globe ensuring you get the best service possible.

Can I get a Dashboard Demo?

You can access the dashboard demo at this link. Contact us if you need a live demo.


How does ShieldSquare work on CDNs like Amazon CloudFront , Akamai, Cloudflare, Varnish etc ?

ShieldSquare bot detection process depends on the following two factors:

  1. The frequency at which your website pages are refreshed at CDN
  2. The caching of all pages or section or a particular portion of the page

When you are using a CDN, we will be getting ShieldSquare API calls for the cache-missed page requests. From this API call information, the ShieldSquare back-end will detect the bots hitting your website. Once detected, you will be able to access Bot IP feed which will provide a real-time stream of bad bot IPs hitting your website. Then you can block these bad bot IPs at the firewall level itself.

How do I administer ShieldSquare ?

ShieldSquare provides Admin Console, where you can see in-depth insights on the bot traffic hitting your site. The admin console also provides you an option to define rules based on the bot category and enables you to add many user accounts to access the console.

Does ShieldSquare detect Non-JS scraping tools?

Yes, we detect bot JS and non-JS based scraping tools/bots due to our API based implementation.

What actions can be taken to neutralize a bot once it is detected?

You can either block / show captcha / feed fake data to the bots based on ShieldSquare’s response code. ShieldSquare helps you use your own business logic to take action on bots, like asking for login credentials, sending SMS OTP or allowing the visitor up to some threshold bot count.

There are a number of ways my website / mobile app can be scraped. Will ShieldSquare protect against all such techniques ?

Our product is robust and can shield your site / mobile app from all forms of automated scraping by bots.


How much does ShieldSquare solution cost?

ShieldSquare pricing is based on the number of page requests made. It roughly translates to the number of page-views. This number will be more than the page views count shown in Google Analytics as Google Analytics doesn’t capture the number of page views made by Bot programs.

Also, if ShieldSquare API is called during AJAX calls, they are considered as additional page requests. Contact sales to get a price quote.

What is the billing frequency?

We accept quarterly & yearly billing. Payments have to be made in advance.

Does ShieldSquare have a trial plan?

Yes. ShieldSquare provides a fully-featured 15-day trial to get started so that you can assess the impact of bot traffic on your website.

Do I need a credit card to try ShieldSquare?

Credit card is not required to try out ShieldSquare. You can signup for free and try out the product.

What is the accepted mode of payment ?

We accept payments through credit card and Paypal. You can also do the payment via wire transfer.

What happens when I cross the API limit as per my plan?

If you cross the API limit, the additional API calls will be charged on pro-rata basis at the end of the billing cycle. The plan will be upgraded as per the API calls usage from the consecutive billing cycle.


What kinds of support do you offer?

We provide standard online support through email and website for all our plans. We also offer a premium support for Army plan users where we can jump on the phone and address your questions.

More details about our plans and support provided can be found by clicking on this link.

Do you help us in integration of ShieldSquare API to our site / mobile app?

Yes. We will guide through every stage of the integration process via Call/Chat/Skype/TeamViewer etc. as per your requirement.

How do I reach out to you for any urgent issues that need immediate attention?

All urgent issues can be sent to with “URGENT” specified in the subject of the email. We ensure that your query is addressed immediately by our 24×7 support team.

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