Form Spam Prevention

Stop spam leads

Sites that are built around an engaged community or as a marketplace face many difficult challenges when it comes to controlling the form spam that is generated on their site.

Sales teams waste time and energy in pursuing fake leads. Listing agents see no ROI, lose confidence as a result of the spam leads and may choose to opt other sites.

Prevent comment spam

Bots play spoilsport and spam your site’s comment feed by hijacking the thread on forums, merchant and news sites. Bots post unrelated advertisements, links to malicious websites, and abusive or unwanted information

Content dropped by spammers can lead to malicious sites that can negatively affect your users. Unintended traffic can slow down your site and increase bandwidth costs. Search engines may remove or demote pages with bot-generated spam

All of this impacts the credibility of the page, user retention, brand reputation and business drastically

Bots - The Good, Bad and Ugly
Prevent Spammers from Squatting

End fake account registrations

Fake Accounts can be found everywhere, from the largest social networking sites to the smallest of forums, bulletin boards, blogs, real estate and merchant sites

Spam bots create fake accounts that message website users or send friend invites to trick them into following a link, making a purchase, downloading malware and for stealing personal information. Genuine website users are hounded by bots to the point where they stop visiting the site altogether

Such malicious activities on your website result in loss of brand image, impacts user retention and negatively impacts business

Prevent spammers from squatting on your site

Spammers, no matter how sophisticated, leave a trail that can be tracked and identified. ShieldSquare uses proprietary technology and patent pending algorithms to profile and catalogue them

Using ShieldSquare, prevent spam bots and achieve genuine leads that generate revenue by keeping your advertisers happy

Prevent from fake account
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