How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution - A Webinar with Forrester Research | Watch Now

How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Watch Now

Form spamming is nothing but abuse of your web forms, by posting unsolicited messages or useless information on your website or mobile application. Form spam affects community forums, social network sites and online businesses, such as real estate portals, classifieds, job portals and so on. They come in between genuine user interactions and hijack the conversation thread, or generate fake leads.

The Impact of Form Spam

Fake registrations

Businesses that make use of forms to collect leads, face fake registrations by spambots. Sales team follow these fake registrations that end up as dead lead, translating to poor conversions.

Advertisers that consume your website or web app for genuine leads will get disappointed and leave as they will not be able to gain ROI. This will directly impact your website’s revenue.

Prevent Fake Form Submissions

Comment spam

Malicious bots spam your website’s comment feed by hijacking the thread on blogs and forums. In many instances, these bots frustrate genuine users by posting links to malicious, phishing websites, or making them download a malware that steals private information.

New and regular users of your website may get irritated by this bot activity, and may even stop visiting the website altogether, affecting your brand image and revenue.

Block Bot Comments Submissions

Server overload and infrastructure cost

Unwanted bot traffic can slow down your site and increase bandwidth costs. When millions of bots spam your website and mobile application with requests, the website/app consume more time to load.

Slow pages frustrate the users. Search engines may remove or demote pages with bot generated spam.

Avoid Server Overload by Bot Traffic

Loss of brand value

Form spam frustrates advertisers and genuine users. This affects your brand image as your users may choose to go to competitor websites. All in all, form spam impacts the credibility of your business, and eventually the user retention.

Prevent form spam and enhance your brand competitiveness. Try ShieldSquare real-time bot prevention solution and protect your online business from bot threats.

Block Brand Value effect bots

Step Up and Take Action

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