ShieldSquare named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management Report, Q3 2018. Click to know more.

ShieldSquare named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management Report, Q3 2018. Click to know more.

Gartner cites ShieldSquare as a "Representative Vendor" for Bot Mitigation

May 22, 2017 | All Analyst Viewpoint News & Events

Gartner refers Bot Mitigation

Gartner’s released its latest report titled “Protecting Web Applications and APIs From Exploits and Abuse” mentioning ShieldSquare as a representative vendor under bot mitigation category.

The report analyses the primary forms of attack on web/mobile applications and web APIs and further recommends technical professionals to focus on application security by leveraging a mix of security controls to deliver the appropriate protection.

The report mentions that the abuse protection against attacks as a “necessity” at least for the critical functions of organizations. For organizations facing or that can potentially face advanced attackers, the report “highly recommends” vendor-based solutions instead of a ‘Build Your Own (BYO)’ approach.

The report suggests that organizations should decide on the different levels of protection required for different assets considering their level of exposure, risk and business value. When the security requirements change after initial deployment, the solution should be flexible enough to accommodate the changes without requiring a complete architectural reconfiguration.

ShieldSquare’s approach towards bot mitigation aligns with the findings and recommendations in Gartner’s report. As an early entrant in the market, ShieldSquare realized the threat posed by bad bots to organizations and the limitations of a BYO approach in solving the problem. Noticing the limitations of firewalls, IDPSs, WAF and API gateways in addressing the challenge, ShieldSquare launched its cloud-based bot mitigation solution as a SaaS API.

ShieldSquare also offers the flexibility to integrate the solution only on specific assets which require sophisticated bot mitigation (even selected sections within a website), thereby rationalizing the cost. As different assets can be added on-the-fly to use the same bot mitigation API, ShieldSquare’s API-based approach makes it easier to accommodate changes in security requirements without a complete architectural reconfiguration. ShieldSquare’s client dashboard provides a unified view for the organization to manage the bot activity across its diverse assets while providing finer controls.

Thanks Gartner!

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