How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution: A Webinar with Forrester Research | Register Now

How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Register Now

Prevent job Websites from fack seekers

Protect jobseeker information

Job portals and other professional networking sites are attacked by evil bots to steal the private data

Major issues like loss of privacy and breach of confidentiality can be overcome by preventing scraping of valuable content using ShieldSquare’s non-intrusive bot prevention capability.

Stop fake job applications

By stopping fake job applications submitted by bots, job portals can save a lot of time and money which is otherwise spent in futile attempts

ShieldSquare helps differentiate genuine and fake applications by closely monitoring user behaviour and the source of applicants. Learn more >>

Save digital media websites from unwanted spam
Stop website overloading by spam prevention

Secure your competitive advantage

The number and quality of resumes form a valuable asset for job portals. Anybody with a malicious intent can buy the subscription and indulge in scraping. Use ShieldSquare to eliminate the threat of scraping and reserve your competitive advantage

With ShieldSquare’s bot detection ability, put an end to resume scraping and protect your competitive advantage

Reduce infrastructure overload and costs

Heavy bot traffic on your website strains your IT infrastructure and slows down your website

Use ShieldSquare to proactively monitor your website for bot traffic, allowing only genuine users to access the site, eventually reducing infrastructure costs

 Reduce server Overload Time by Spam prevention
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