ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

How Job Portals are losing money due to fake Job Applications

October 22, 2015 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

job portals losing money

Good Jobs are hard to find, but fake job applications are everywhere online! A typical job portal invests a lot of time and money in finding genuine job seekers and employers. The meticulous screening and verification process earns quality leads, eventually meeting the job demand and opening doors to revenue flow. However, owing to the inherent risks in internet businesses, job portals are often troubled by fake applications usually coming from affiliate sites.

When a job portal advertises on other relevant affiliate sites, it is an effort to get qualitative applications that meet the recruiters expectations and growing demand for certain jobs. However, fake applications are filled out by bots (automated programs) sent by either the affiliate to make a quick buck per application or by the competition as an under the belt beatdown strategy.

The major bottleneck for any portal in such a situation is not being able to differentiate between a genuine and fake application. Although a lead is redirected to the portal on clicking the Ad of the affiliate site, it has become increasingly difficult to monitor the behaviour and source of applicants through conventional security and tracking systems installed.

As per industry average, job portals spend around $5 per application and by way of getting fake resumes they end up losing money to nothing in return. Every application received via the affiliate site is charged irrespective of whether it’s genuine or fake. Such a malicious online activity is hurting job portals more than the usual online threats,  causing a negative snowballing effect on the return over investment, brand reputation and recruiter satisfaction.

A job portal, well secured, requires  the implementation of a dynamic, robust, adaptable bot protection solution that detects bot patterns and blocks bots real time. It is also essential to evaluate the quality of affiliate traffic before getting into a deal. This will ensure that the future roadmap of the business is secure with guaranteed quality of applications.

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