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JS tag offers a tech agnostic, easy integration option for heterogeneous web application infrastructures. ShieldSquare’s bot mitigation solution can be seamlessly integrated with web applications using our JS tag snippet in minutes. ShieldSquare’s js tag collects 250+ parameters from the end user’s browser. This comprehensive data-set enables our Bot Detection Engine to identify thousands of highly sophisticated bot patterns.

Why Integrate Using ShieldSquare
JS Tag

Our JS tag integration assists businesses to block bad bots and avert malicious activities such as ad fraud, skewed analytics, and other automated threats.

ShieldSquare’s JS tag integration does not have any technical dependencies and can easily be integrated into the existing web pages by the marketing teams.

ShieldSquare’s JS tag is lightweight and works in both - asynchronous and synchronous modes. The integration does not increase the page load time.

The browser level JS tag integration helps control Ad fraud in real-time, and eliminates non-human impressions before page loads, without affecting the genuine user experience.

ShieldSquare JS tag integration is the right tool for the publishers and e-tailers that are confronting ad fraud and skewed analytics.

Our JS tag can be integrated into popular analytics platforms such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics to filter bot traffic from reports.

Integrating and managing our JS tag is possible using Google or with any other tag manager.


Start Blocking Bots in Minutes using JavaScript Tag

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