Is your marketing analytics getting distorted ?

July 7, 2015 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

Distorted Marketing Analytics

Most online businesses purely rely on the marketing analytics i.e., the page views, new site visits etc. for taking any strategic business decision. A common misconception in the online world is “more traffic equals more sales”. The reason is because, not all the metrics that show up on your analytics dashboard are genuine. In our experience close to 50% of online traffic comprises of bots. These are nonhumans/programs that visit your site and sometimes show up in your analytics dashboard.

Importance of Identifying Bot Traffic

It is essential to identify bot traffic. But the bigger question here is “ Why is it so important ?”. Well, as you’ll see bots visit your site as direct traffic, generate page views and then disappear.Thus, a visit as just described equals a bounce. So, over a period of time as you look at the  reports, you may wonder why your goal conversion rates or Ecommerce conversion rates from Direct traffic have plummeted while your bounce rates have increased.

What if 30% of your traffic is bot generated pageviews? This means your data is distorted and you can no longer rely on what meets the eye. Your sales team sooner or later will realize that none of the new site visits ever convert into a customer.Faulty data doesn’t help and  inbound bot traffic does not grow your revenue. Such bogus traffic impact on marketing analytics will affect your decision making and risk the future of your business.

Considering the aforestated bot problems, it is to be noted that online businesses on the growing curve have much to lose if they don’t address the bot problem head on. It is necessary for them to employ an adequate bot protection solution that will eradicate bots and secure their numbers from being faulty.

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