How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution - A Webinar with Forrester Research | Watch Now

How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Watch Now

The essential asset for any classified site is fresh content and unique listings. Malicious bots sent by competitors and third party scrapers crawl the information from your website and publish it elsewhere or even sell the information. This is a illegal activity, done without your consent. Such malicious bots have adverse effects on your classified and listings business in many ways.

Impact of malicious bots on Classifieds and Listings

Theft of content and fresh listings

Unique listings and content are the intellectual property for businesses like classifieds. The moment a new listing is published on your web/mobile app, the competitors scrape your content, tweak it and publish it on their website - all within a few minutes! This dilutes the genuine buyer traffic coming to your website or your mobile application.

All your spending and efforts on acquiring the right content will be futile as the content is replicated at multiple places.

Online Digital Content Prevention

Fake leads

The success and popularity of classifieds and online markets depend on advertisers and users that post their listings. The revenue from advertisers is critical for your business. In such a scenario, malicious bots fill the web forms with fake details and end up as dead leads that don’t convert.

Further the sales team spend a significant amount of time and effort in chasing them.

Stop Fake Lead Submission

Distorted analytics

Analytics play a huge role for online businesses like classifieds. Undetected bot traffic is often mistaken to be genuine. This leads to the misrepresentation of your business’s KPIs and poor estimation of demand.

The marketing strategy will be designed based on these false number which will inevitably result in poor ROI.

Avoid & Block Skewed Analytics Bots

Reduced server performance

The unwanted and undetected bot traffic in your website and mobile app will increase the server load and bandwidth costs. This will make your web page slow and frustrate your genuine users.

Protect your classified listings website from malicious bots. Optimize server resource usage and enhance user experience with ShieldSquare Anti bot solution.

Protect Listings Sites from Scraper bots

Step Up and Take Action

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