Prevent Media Websites from unwanted spam

Eliminate theft of website content

News sites, electronic journals are prone to theft by bots. The stolen content is published on other websites with titles and names changed to disguise it as proprietary content.

Save your site ranking and brand reputation from being sabotaged by bots. With ShieldSquare, avoid duplication of your content and reserve your competitive advantage and SEO.

Prevent loss of brand reputation

Bots play spoilsport and spam the comment feed thereby hijacking the thread on your forum/news site. They impact the credibility of the site and curb user retention

ShieldSquare’s proactive bot prevention technology helps you prevent loss of brand reputation and improves user stickiness of your website

Save digital media websites from unwanted spam
Stop website overloading by spam prevention

Reduce infrastructure overload and costs

Heavy bot traffic on your website strains the infrastructure and slows down your site

Using ShieldSquare, actively monitor your website traffic, allowing only genuine users to access the site and reduce infrastructure costs

Improve KPIs and decision making

Undetected bot traffic is often mistaken to be genuine and correct data does not show up on your analytics dashboard. Your website's KPIs are misrepresented leading to poor estimation of demand.

Deploy ShieldSquare to unearth bot traffic based on exhaustive data analytics and improve data-driven decision making.

Check out our blog to know how analytics is distorted due to bots.

 Reduce server Overload Time by Spam prevention
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