Malicious bots are always a major threat to digital publishing and online media businesses. These bots never abide by the protocols and make unfair use of the content available on the web. They are programmed to scour the web pages illegally, scrape them and make use of it without any consent from the original source.

Impact of bots in digital publishing

Content Replication

Bad bots crawl your website/mobile app and steal the content illegally and publish them as their own. The content replicated on other web sites will have a direct negative impact on your SEO. When undetected, the scraped content will outrank you on major search engines. These scraper bot will target content including, but not limited to news, editorials, product reviews, blog posts and such, as soon as they’re published.

Prevent content stealing

Uncontrolled Spam

Bad bots spam the forums on your website/mobile application which are built for interaction. They crawl your website and post unwanted and unsolicited messages on your community forums and comment fields.

They come in between genuine user interaction and hijack the thread. They spam your forums by posting ‘phishing and other malicious links’ which will steal the user’s private data when accidentally clicked. This will damage your brand reputation.

Block Bot Comments Submissions

Distorted analytics

Bots skew your analytics by sending a large number of unwanted requests, creating bogus traffic. This traffic may seem to be coming from genuine prospects.

Marketing teams will misinterpret this to be genuine user traffic, and may take wrong decisions with respect to their marketing budget.

How to block form spam

Website usability

When malicious bots hit your website with millions of page requests, your server load increases. This is reflected in terms of slower page-load times which frustrates genuine users navigating the site. When the bot activity is spread out over a period of time, the impact on page load times is less discernible. However, when the attack happens over a very short period of time, your Web server may not be able to handle the bandwidth which may result in significant impact of the user experience.

Protect your proprietary content from competitors and third party scrapers by deploying ShieldSquare’s Anti bot Solution in your website or mobile app.

How to Block content scraping

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