ShieldSquare is listed as a late stage vendor in Forrester's New Tech: Bot Management, Q3 2018 report. Click to know more.

ShieldSquare receives the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Leadership Award in Bot Risk Management

Automated attacks on the Application Layer (Layer 7) of your web and app infrastructure go undetected by Web Application Firewalls (WAF), which can only defend against network-level but not application layer attacks. Application Layer Distributed Denial of Service causes spikes in application-specific and associated computing resources, leading to slowdowns and service disruptions. ShieldSquare’s bot mitigation technologies defend your infrastructure against Application Layer DDoS and prevent service degradation.

Impact of Application Layer DDoS on Your Business

Degradation of Business-critical Services

The application layer in an enterprise infrastructure stack directly impacts the user experience. Layer 7 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a business continuity threat, strain web applications, and create service performance degradation. Layer 7 attacks also cause downtime in the event of distributed and coordinated DDoS attacks. Botnets that perform application-level attacks are difficult to detect because they are designed to abuse application-specific resources. Conventional ways of rate-limiting and blacklisting IPs fail to detect bots that can dynamically change their user agent and header information.

ShieldSquare’s Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) identifies the intent behind attacks and blocks automated scripts that exploit the security vulnerabilities in your business logic. Our real-time anti-bot solution complements your web application firewall and defends critical infrastructure from Application Layer DDoS attacks.

Degradation of Business critical Services

Application Slowdowns and Outages

Botnets slow down your web and mobile applications and affect critical business functions that directly contribute to the overall customer experience. Automated attacks severely affect resource-intensive functions including inventory database checks, notifications, payment processing, and third-party services. These attacks are distributed over thousands of IP addresses and make a few hits every hour, but exhaust system resources that can affect business continuity.

Our bot detection engine leverages threat intelligence gathered from thousands of internet properties and applies device fingerprinting to detect attacks. ShieldSquare’s bot mitigation solution restricts sudden spikes in automated activity on critical application resources.

Application Slowdowns and Outages


Protect Against App Layer Security Vulnerabilities

Protect Against App Layer Security Vulnerabilities

Ensure-Continuity of Business Critical Services

Ensure Continuity of Business-Critical Services

Maintain Consistent Web App Performance

Maintain Consistent Web & App Performance

Industry Recognition

Cited In Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Application Security
ShieldSquare is mentioned in Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2018 for the second consecutive year
Listed As A Late Stage Vendor In New Tech: Bot Management, 2018
Forrester has positioned ShieldSquare as a ‘Late Stage’ vendor for technology maturity
Received Customer Value Leadership Award, 2018
ShieldSquare recently received the Customer Value Leadership Award in the Global Bot Risk Management (BRM) Market from Frost & Sullivan
Cited In The Gartner Marketing Technology Vendor Guide, 2018
Gartner has listed ShieldSquare in the Marketing Technology Vendor Guide for its ad verification capabilities

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