Bot Detection

Stop credential stuffing attacks

Millions of compromised credentials (such as usernames and passwords) are available on hacker dump sites, black markets and hacktivist forums. Attackers use these credentials through bots to programmatically login and target websites.

Successful logins allow the attacker to perform malicious activities on the website. Using ShieldSquare, secure your site perimeter and accurately prevent credential stuffing attacks.

Prevent brute force attacks

Malicious bot entities run sophisticated brute force attacks on login pages and payment pages in an attempt to break the passwords and execute fraudulent purchases using stolen credit cards

The high traffic generated slows down the website and hampers genuine user experience. ShieldSquare blocks bots from accessing the desired pages and prevents such notorious activities from affecting the site visitors

Automated Bot Detection
ShieldSquare Bot Detection

Act against bot attacks

By deploying ShieldSquare, an application owner gets granular visibility of bot traffic in real-time and is empowered to block bots before they cause any damage

Different kinds of bots can be dealt with appropriate business rules to ensure maximum protection

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