Bot Detection

Bots skew your website traffic

Bot visits skew your site data, artificially inflating visits and unique visitors, increasing bounce rate, decreasing pages/visit, average visit duration and goal conversion rates. Bot traffic renders your data inaccurate and misleads decision making.

Bots hinder your online marketing and customer acquisition KPIs like revenue, margins, marketing costs, IT support costs, etc., leading to wasted money, time, effort and lost sales. Check out our blog to know more.

ShieldSquare prevents malicious bot traffic

ShieldSquare helps online businesses differentiate between good and bad traffic bots on websites and mobile applications

Using cutting edge technologies, ShieldSquare prevents malicious bots and enables accurate analysis of traffic. ShieldSquare also ensures that you harness the power of bot analytics, track the right metrics and increase conversion rates

Automated Bot Detection
ShieldSquare Bot Detection

Deploy shieldSquare as you desire

Shieldsquare can be deployed in Active Mode or Monitor Mode.

Active Mode helps you to take action against bots and allow only genuine traffic to your site

Monitor mode allows all traffic to your website, but detects bots and gives you access to detailed reports and analytics of bot activities on your website.

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