ShieldSquare named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management Report, Q3 2018. Click to know more.

ShieldSquare named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management Report, Q3 2018. Click to know more.

Web analytics data including visits and conversions are vulnerable to skewing. Bots pollute metrics, disrupt funnel analysis, and inhibit KPI tracking. Automated traffic inflates product metrics, campaign data, and traffic analytics. ShieldSquare offers a tech-agnostic, easy-to-integrate JS tag to filter known bots, spiders, and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) from your analytics.

Impact of Skewing on Your Business

Inaccurate Traffic Analytics and Product Metrics

Web crawlers, aggregators, and malicious bots cause noisy data. Non-human visitors impact conversion rates and other revenue metrics such as the look-to-book ratio. Automated traffic skews user engagement and retention metrics. The presence of bots also creates unexpected changes in your conversion funnel.

We apply domain-specific machine learning techniques to identify anomalies in user behavior and block bots from affecting business KPIs. Our JS tag collects over 250 parameters to identify sophisticated bot patterns and prevent skewing.

Inaccurate Traffic Analytics and Product Metrics

Skewed Marketing Analytics

Bots perform repeated link clicks, page requests, and form submissions to execute fraudulent activities. Such invalid activity skews key marketing metrics and misleads the decision-making process. Bad bots also inflate attribution reports, and pollute referral and acquisition metrics.

ShieldSquare helps you estimate and filter non-human traffic present in your paid and organic acquisition reports. We identify automated activities through our device and browser fingerprinting techniques. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated with leading analytics platforms such as Adobe and Google Analytics.

Skewed Marketing Analytics

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