How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution - A Webinar with Forrester Research | Watch Now

How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Watch Now

Price Scraping is a method by which the pricing data, along with other information such as product SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), are lifted off illegally from e-commerce and travel listing websites or mobile applications using bad bots. The scraper bots crawl your web pages for information about the prices and SKUs, which define your business strategy in the marketplace. Competitors employ this method to undercut your dynamic pricing and extract product catalog information for your site.

The Impact of Price Scraping

Undercutting your pricing

One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce business is the pricing strategy. This influences consumer-buying decisions, impacts new user acquisition and revenue. eCommerce business owners strive to create a win-win for both their business and the customer.

Losing the pricing strategy, along with inventory information and related products, to competitor bots and malicious scrapers is detrimental to your business.

Prevent Ecommerce Scraping Bots

Skewed Analytics

The bots affect your business by not only scraping the prices but also by skewing the web analytics.

They crawl multiple products, creating an artificial interest on the items and negatively influence your decision making or business strategy.

Stop Skewed Analytics Bots

Cart Abandonment

During flash sales, bots may add hundreds of products to the shopping carts, and abandon them later. These carts, created by malicious bots, never convert and also reduce the inventory level, making popular products unavailable for genuine buyers.

When genuine users are unable to make a purchase, they get frustrated with your business. This will make them try out one of your competitor portals.

Stop Cart Abandonment Bots

Website availability

As scraper bots crawl your website/mobile app, the load on your server automatically increases. High server loads impact website usability and page load times. This will frustrate genuine users exploring products or trying to make a purchase. Also, it’s important to note that website speed impacts search engine rankings.

Protect your eCommerce business from bot threats. ShieldSquare helps you take the right action against price scraping bots.

Block Website Crawling Bots

Step Up and Take Action

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