Price Scraping Prevention

Stop Price Scraping

Competitors often steal pricing data from ecommerce/product catalog websites using bots to undercut their prices as a beat-down strategy.

Such malicious activities are rampant with the consistent rise in online businesses, especially in ecommerce sites. Check out our blog to know how competitors can ruin your pricing strategy.

Differentiate bad from good

Not all bots are created bad. Search engine bots aid your SEO ranking whereas bad bots are sent by competitors to scrape your pricing details

ShieldSquare allows you to act according to your business priority on price scraping bots. It is dynamic, adaptable and scalable with your growing business needs

Identify Bots of your website
ShieldSquare Empowerment

ShieldSquare empowerment

ShieldSquare empowers you to take preset action against malicious price scraping bots. You can challenge a bot with a CAPTCHA, feed fake data to it, block it from accessing your site or use your own business logic asking for credentials, SMS OTP etc.

Zero False Positives Guaranteed. ShieldSquare ensures that genuine users, search engine crawlers and price comparison entities stay unaffected

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