Stop Fake Form Submissions

Stop fake form submissions by bots

Property portals thrive on advertisers who showcase their property listings and form a major source of revenue to the site. The leads through fake form submissions frustrate the advertisers and waste the time of sales teams.

Stop bots from submitting fake forms without impacting the genuine user experience and win the confidence of advertisers.

Check out our blog to know more.

Prevent content theft

Competitors use bot programs to steal listings and repost the same in their websites. This affects the competitive advantage and impacts site traffic and revenue

Using ShieldSquare, prevent content theft by competitor bots, improving your website traffic and retaining your IP and competitive advantage

property portal web content protection
Stop Bad Bot Data Aggregators

Police data aggregators and preserve your competitive advantage

Not all aggregators bring more traffic! Malicious data aggregators duplicate your property portal listings on another site without providing links back to your site

Thoroughly police malicious bot intent, take action on bad bots and enhance your website ranking with ShieldSquare

Improve KPIs and decision making

Undetected bot traffic is deceptively genuine and your analytics dashboard doesn’t reflect the correct data.Your website’s KPIs are misrepresented leading to poor estimation of interest and demand

Deploy ShieldSquare to unearth bot traffic based on exhaustive data analytics and improve data-driven strategic decision making. Check out our blog to know how marketing analytics is distorted

Find Bad Bot Traffic
 Reduce Server Overload Time

Reduce server overload and costs

Heavy bot traffic on your website overloads servers and increases the risk of a downtime

Reduce infrastructure costs by proactively monitoring your website traffic with ShieldSquare, and allow only genuine users to access the portal

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