How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution - A Webinar with Forrester Research | Watch Now

How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Watch Now

Malicious bots pose a huge threat to property portals and online real estate business. They mimic the genuine human behavior and do unethical activities such as scraping and spamming. They are often responsible for the bad user experience. Some of the ways in which the bots affect your online business are mentioned below:

Impact of bots on Property Portals

Fake submissions

Sophisticated bad bots are programmed to mimic genuine user behavior while interacting with your website.

Bad bots use forms on your website and mobile application to fill in spam details, resulting in junk leads.

Prevent Fake Form Submissions

Content duplication

Bots scrape the content and listings from your website and repost the same elsewhere no sooner than they are published. This content duplication will impact your SEO and eventually, the duplicated content may outrank you on major search engines.

Apart from impacting the visibility, they increase your customer acquisition costs and reduce ROI.

Secure website content from scrapers

Breach of privacy

Real estate agents who regularly showcase their listings may not like to see their private data being scraped. Data privacy aside, the scrapers will sell the details to competitors that may eventually divert these agents to move away from your website.

 Block unwated Bot Threat activities

Poor server performance

Malicious bots crawl your website and web app to increase the server load. This increases your server downtime and will frustrate your users with slow loading pages. Your infrastructure cost to maintain the server and bandwidth will increase unwantedly if bot traffic is unchecked on your website.

Start protecting your real estate website from bot attacks by implementing ShieldSquare’s Bot prevention solution.

Block unwated bot traffic

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