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Protect your Product prices and Catalogue from Competitor Bots

June 4, 2014 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

Prevent price scraping protect product catalog

Are you an E-commerce retailer?

Being a seller, you sure know how sensitive the prices on a retail website can be. Prices in E-commerce are time sensitive and play a key role in attracting users. Nowadays, we clearly see how various e-commerce sites fight it out in the marketplace to provide the best deals in order to cater to their customers.

We understand that you go through a lot more than pain to arrive at the right price which places both, you and your customers in a win-win situation. After going through so much, Competitors send programs called Bots; they just walk in uninvited and steal/scrape the pricing information real-time to use it as a competitive intelligence to out-price your ecommerce portal even before you notice it.

With this kind of intrusion, along with the price, your competitors gain access to your SKUs, Product listings and the complete product catalogue you gathered over the years to gain a competitive edge. All the unique information which made your e-commerce store a cut above the rest is now being used against you.

Yes! This is happening, your competitive advantage is at stake and you are losing your customers every day. Consider ShieldSquare’s Scraping prevention solution for your website to safeguard it from the hostility of Competitor Bots. By leveraging ShieldSquare’s solution you are assured to get the following benefits:

  •  ✓ Scraping solution helps you publish content and prices in confidence, without fear of unauthorized access or content theft by bots.
  •  ✓ Helps you protect your prices and product catalogue from being scraped by your competitors.
  •  ✓ Protects your brand equity, reputation and SEO ranking and ensure that you get more organic traffic than ever.
  •  ✓ Filters malicious theft bots or data scrapers from your traffic and increase your revenues.
  •  ✓ Empowers your website in such a way that you will be able to stop scrapers real time and enhance your user experience.

With the advent of technology, illegal activities like content theft and data scraping are on the rise, and a majority are still unaware of the dire consequences these activities are causing.

Its time you protect your competitive edge. Contact ShieldSquare today!

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