Check scraping vulnerabilities with ScrapeScanner

  • Is your website bot proof?
  • Can your competitors scrape your website?
  • How good is your current defense against scrapers and bots?

Find out how vulnerable your online business is from web scraping and bot attacks. Take the first step in protecting your business now.

Scan your website and generate a free report of the scraping vulnerabilities.

How ScrapeScanner finds whether your website is bot proof?

ScrapeScanner will attempt to access your website using various tools/programs that mimic bot behavior. It analyses how your website responds to various kinds of bot traffic. The simulations will be executed over a period of time using different tool-kits and modifying different http request parameters. ScrapeScanner is 100% safe to try. It will not cause any harm to your website.

If you want to know exact impact of bot traffic on your business, we recommend you to signup for our free trial.

Trusted by businesses across 68 countries

ShieldSquare- trusted by businesses across 68 countries
  • Testimonial

    We’re extremely happy with ShieldSquare’s solution that not only takes care of blocking all  the bad bots but also provides comprehensive bot analysis. ShieldSquare have really kept their promise of zero false positives, as a result we are able to satisfy our website visitors better than ever!

    John Potter, Chief Technology Officer

    Purch Group Inc.

  • Testimonial

    We could see a considerable reduction in the spam leads after integrating ShieldSquare. We were able to customize the algorithm based on our business needs and it improved the overall quality of the leads we deliver to our clients. It’s an awesome product!

    Federico Barbagallo, Product Director


  • Testimonial

    We invest a lot of time and resources to create high-quality content, and that’s the core value we deliver to our customers. ShieldSquare truly helps us focus on other critical tasks, while it blocks bad bots and keeps our content safe.

    Craig Overpeck, CTO


  • Testimonial

    Their domain knowledge along with their expertise in anti-scraping & bot prevention is very rare to find. We feel safe with ShieldSquare.

    Ajay Jangir, Head of Technology

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