The E-commerce Industry Automated Threat Landscape | Download the Report

The E-commerce Industry Automated Threat Landscape | Download the Report

ShieldSquare is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

January 3, 2020 | All Bot Prevention Technologies News & Events

We’re excited to announce that ShieldSquare Bot Manager is now available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This provides AWS Cloud users with the option of directly purchasing a ShieldSquare subscription through the Marketplace for convenient one-step billing. You can use any of the suitable integration options to integrate in your AWS infrastructure, including :

    ✓   Web server plugins for Apache and Nginx

    ✓   CDN plugins for CloudFront, Fastly, Varnish, Section, and other leading CDNs

    ✓   SDKs for PHP, Java, C#, .Net, Ruby, Django, Node.js, ColdFusion, Python, Android and iOS

    ✓   CMS plugins for Drupal and WordPress

    ✓   JavaScript tag

    ✓   Virtual appliance

With ShieldSquare now available through the AWS Marketplace, users on this platform now have the ability to easily and conveniently deploy Bot Manager to protect their websites, applications and APIs. Watch this video to learn more about ShieldSquare Bot Manager. To learn more about how ShieldSquare can help your business prevent bot threats, read our Success Stories. If you’d like more information about ShieldSquare, email us at

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