The E-commerce Industry Automated Threat Landscape | Download the Report

The E-commerce Industry Automated Threat Landscape | Download the Report

Forrester’s ‘New Tech: Bot Management, Q3 2018’ lists ShieldSquare As A ‘Late Stage’ Bot Management Vendor

September 12, 2018 | All Analyst Viewpoint News & Events

Blog_Forrester New Tech Bot Management 2018

Forrester Research’s ‘New Tech: Bot Management, Q3, 2018’ report evaluated emerging bot management technologies, outlined their functionality segments, and classified relevant vendors in terms of their technology maturity. Organizations often rely on these evaluations when considering vendors to find the best solution for their needs.

We’re delighted to have been listed as one of the report’s five ‘Late Stage’ vendors in terms of technology maturity in the Bot Management market segment (in a field comprising 15 vendors that were evaluated).

We believe that Forrester’s New Tech reports introduce the newest technologies, and the firms that provide them, to help organizations get a competitive advantage in the market. In our view, the reports detail the key capabilities of new and potentially disruptive technologies, provide research and insights into their functionality, and help classify vendors for in-depth analysis and evaluation.

Some of our key takeaways from the New Tech evaluation:

Fraudsters and malefactors can easily deploy and modify attack strategies with bots — there exists a multitude of forums and paid tools through which bots with a range of capabilities are available.

There are three categories of bot management tools — (a) add-on bot management solutions from Web application firewall (WAF) vendors, (b) Ad verification and brand safety tool vendors which focus on preventing ad fraud and cleansing marketing data, and (c) Vendors which specialize only in bot management.

Bot management tools are critical to protecting applications — Webmasters can help ensure security, performance, and availability by blocking bad bot traffic, and marketing teams can get accurate and actionable insights to direct their ad spend to reach intended audiences.

We appreciate being considered amongst the mature players in the Bot Management arena, and thank our customers for their unstinting support. Read the full report here (subscription or payment required for access).

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