ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager now available on Adobe Analytics Marketplace

November 22, 2017 | All Bot Prevention Technologies News & Events

Radware Bot Manager on Adobe Analytics Marketplace

Analytics plays a crucial role in acquisition, engagement and sales strategies of an online business. Enterprises spend thousands of dollars every month to be on top of the data insights that drive the growth tactics. Bots comprise 25-40% of traffic depending on the industry. This enormous chunk of traffic has both – malignant and benign purpose. Unfiltered non-human traffic on the analytics dashboard can skew results of A/B tests, goal conversion rates, avg transaction value and mislead the outcome of marketing campaigns.

You can accurately analyze the results of growth strategies if you have more in-depth insights into human and non-human traffic. We help you get more from your marketing dollars.

We are glad to announce that Radware Bot Manager’s bot management capabilities are now available in Adobe Exchange. Radware Bot Manager helps you filter bot traffic from Adobe Analytics report suite.

Adobe -SS-Work

Integrating Radware Bot Manager in Adobe Analytics is a two-step process and can be completed in a couple of minutes 

  • Add a JS tag in the web pages
  • Create distinct segments in report suite with bot and human tag

With our bot management capabilities, you can 

  • Identify channels and campaigns that are impacted most by bots
  • Create a custom view to see bot traffic on different modules of the website on Adobe Analytics report suite
  • Evaluate the quality of traffic bought from affiliate networks and ad exchanges
  • Provide evidence about quality of traffic on your website to advertisers and ad verification companies

To learn more about this integration, Click Here

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