The E-commerce Industry Automated Threat Landscape | Download the Report

The E-commerce Industry Automated Threat Landscape | Download the Report

7Pixel Eliminates Non-human Traffic from Marketing Reports and Analytics Dashboards With ShieldSquare

7Pixel is a leading European price comparison and online shopping site that is visited by over 12 million monthly users. The company is affiliated with over 3000 e-tailers whose products are listed on their site. 7Pixel is extremely popular among price-conscious shoppers who want to find the best deals on a wide range of products including electronics, appliances, computers, phones, and much more.

Business Problem

Being a leading source of information relied on by online buyers, 7Pixel was attracting a growing amount of invalid (bot) traffic. Though they used Google Analytics to perform traffic analysis and segmentation, as well as an in-house analytics tool, neither of these provided the depth and breadth of information needed to fully analyze incoming bot traffic. Google Analytics only filters known bots and spiders, hence it was not effective in detecting sophisticated bots. Their traffic analytics were thus considerably skewed and did not reflect the true composition and sources of genuine versus invalid traffic. Not having accurate analytics data on bot traffic hindered decisions and affected conversion rates, sales funnel optimization, KPI tracking, as well as planning for infrastructure growth.

Clearly, the situation called for a solution that would allow them to get clean, trustworthy, and actionable metrics to fine-tune their marketing and operational strategies. In addition, 7Pixel wanted to improve the quality of referral traffic it was sending to its affiliated online retailers (whose product listings and prices were shown on its portal). Genuine visitors using 7Pixel’s site would be more likely to convert and make purchases on the affiliated retailers’ sites. Hence it was a critical business need for 7Pixel to be able to analyze the prevalence of bot traffic they were attracting and possibly passing on to their affiliates.

7Pixel initially tested a leading bot mitigation solution, but was not happy with the solution, as it involved routing their traffic through a proxy server. It was imperative for 7Pixel to have non-intrusive server infrastructure and granular bot traffic analysis for maximum control and effectiveness. They also wanted to keep the site latency under 10 ms (milliseconds). This was a vital consideration since page load time directly impact engagement and conversions. With these prerequisites at the top of their must-have list, 7Pixel then decided to try ShieldSquare’s solution which allowed them to minimize disruptions and retain their server and CDN infrastructure.

ShieldSquare Solution

7Pixel opted for ShieldSquare since they preferred to have control of their server infrastructure and to minimize latency. With that in mind, they integrated ShieldSquare’s Javascript (JS) Tag snippet with their Google Analytics — as well as into their own internal bot analytics tool — to begin an in-depth analysis. The integration process took just minutes, and the system analyzed data spanning over 250 parameters from visitors’ browsers. Bot signatures were synced in real-time between ShieldSquare’s bot detection engine and 7Pixel’s infrastructure. Suspected bots are shown a CAPTCHA to solve before any page on the site would load.

ShieldSquare’s dashboard provided comprehensive and customizable reports with detailed breakdowns and stats on malicious bots, search engine crawlers, and other forms of invalid traffic. 7Pixel’s development and marketing teams were happy to finally obtain reliable and actionable data (such as what their most-attacked URLs were, and where their bot traffic came from, among other details). Our non-intrusive API-based integration meant that response time was well within their expectations. 7Pixel was very impressed with the results achieved, as well as ShieldSquare’s responsive and helpful Customer Support.

"We use ShieldSquare to filter non-human traffic from analytics to measure Marketing ROI metrics better. Earlier, it was time consuming to remove bot traffic. With ShieldSquare protection ‘ON’, we reduced the impact of bots in the analytical metrics." shared Roberto Grandi, Analytics and Software Developer at 7Pixel.

Satisfied with the comprehensive and accurate traffic analytic, 7Pixel broadened its ShieldSquare deployment and started leveraging more of its capabilities. First, they blocked price scraping attempts by competitors. Going further, they stopped bot traffic from being referred to their network of affiliated retailers. In addition, ShieldSquare protected them from bots which were trying to fraudulently engage with ads placed on their portal. Ultimately, 7Pixel was able to realize a cascade of positive outcomes, not only for its business but for its retail affiliates and advertisers as well.

Benefits After ShieldSquare Roll-Out

1. 7Pixel obtained clean and actionable analytics data to optimize marketing expenditure

2. Increased genuine referral traffic to affiliated retailers

3. Elimination of invalid traffic from business KPIs

4. Greater ability to command higher referral fees/ commissions from affiliates


Customer:   7Pixel
Industry:   E-commerce
Problem faced:
  • Skewed Analytics
Why ShieldSquare?
  • Clean analytics data to drive marketing and ops strategy
  • Elimination of invalid traffic data from business KPIs
  • Optimized marketing spend
  • Minimum latency and maximum control over site infrastructure

“At first, we used ShieldSquare to help us definitively analyze our invalid traffic, which we were not able to do with Google Analytics and our in-house analytics tool. We were amazed by how effectively ShieldSquare’s solution worked in giving us clean analytics. We used ShieldSquare to eliminate the fake referral traffic to our affiliated retailers and prevent price scraping. I will gladly recommend ShieldSquare to any business that has problems caused by bots.”

Roberto Grandi
Analytics and Software Developer

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