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Europe’s Popular Tyre and Rim Wholesale Company Looks to ShieldSquare to Prevent Price Scraping

Based out of Hardenberg, the Netherlands, Heuver is a well-known tyre wholesaler selling through their online portal. Heuver’s catalog includes tyres for trucks, trailers, agricultural and earth moving vehicles, and meets the tyre demands across Europe with teams in Germany, England, Poland, France, Austria, Romania, Poland and other countries. Cataloging over 10,000 tyre products, Heuver meets customer demands by delivering products as soon as possible, usually in 1-3 business days.

Business Problem

Heuver’s vast tyre catalog contains detailed specifications on each tyre type. A prospective customer has to register and login to view the pricing information and region-specific deals, along with stock availability. Heuver designed it this way to help online customers to have a more personalized buying experience by providing information on order history/status, invoice and reports. Having the login process also has another advantage - prevent the competition from knowing the prices and stock positions of individual tyres, and protect the brand’s competitive advantage across various countries in the European region. However, this strategy was at risk.

Heuver noticed that the product prices were being scraped by bots. The increased competitor bot activity was impacting Heuver’s pricing strategy. This affected their sales targets and they had to act fast to stop price scraping, if they were to stay relevant in Europe’s competitive tyre wholesale market.

Heuver required a sophisticated bot prevention solution that will give them the flexibility in dealing with malicious bots. Heuver also wanted a non-intrusive API-based solution that will not introduce risky DNS routing headaches.

ShieldSquare Solution

Heuver evaluated ShieldSquare bot prevention to address the price scraping issue from bots. Before they could integrate the solution, ShieldSquare’s product and support teams made it a point to thoroughly understand Heuver’s use cases and challenges. Heuver wanted to detect both pre-login and post-login activities from malicious bots. The bot prevention solution was fine-tuned to detect scraper bots, and take the best action against them.

The fine tuning was critical because bot prevention is not a one size fits all solution. To protect it’s pricing strategy, Heuver designed their portal to show the prices only to those genuine prospects that register and login. Hence, the bot prevention solution had to be tweaked so as not to block any of the website’s genuine users.

ShieldSquare’s intuitive dashboard console provided Heuver with deep insights on the bot traffic, type of bots, source IPs, ISPs, countries and most importantly, the bot intent and the pages targeted by them.

In addition to this, ShieldSquare data science experts went further and did a detailed user analysis to identify any post-login bot activity.

Results and Benefits

With ShieldSquare bot prevention in place, Heuver is now able to:

  • Secure product catalog: Tens of thousands of product listings protected from scraper bots on a daily basis
  • Retain competitive edge: Pricing strategy is protected from the competition and scrapers
  • Ensure zero false positives: Genuine users are unaffected
  • Eliminate price scraping: Post login malicious activities were detected and the right action was taken against the scraper


Customer:   Heuver
Industry:   Online Tyre Wholesale
Problem faced:
  • Price scraping by competition
Why ShieldSquare?
  • Eliminate price scraping
  • Secure product catalog
  • Retain competitive edge

We use ShieldSquare to protect our pricing and stock information and region-specific deals from malicious users and bad bots. It was very easy to set up and thus maintain our competitive advantage.

Chris van den Ende
Marketing manager

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