India’s leading Auto Portal Entrusts ShieldSquare to Protect Car Listings

Cardekho is India’s leading online auto portal that strives to assist its users with car research, finance, insurance, used cars and any of the other aspects involved in car buying and selling. Its exclusive tie-ups with car manufacturers, agents, finance and insurance companies ensure that customers always find the best possible deal.

The portal with 35 million unique visitors till date has acted as a strong connect between aspiring buyers, the proud owners, the die-hard fans and the car dealers. Cardekho’s strong commitment towards serving these segments comes from its rich and unique car listings with attractive deals. The portal has proven to be a one stop solution for car buyers and sellers.

The rich and comprehensive listings covering all the existing car breeds is one of the biggest assets of Cardekho that sets them apart from their competitors.

Business Problem

According to the Cardekho team, competitors were actively scraping the car listings info every second and were making appropriate changes to their listings whenever there was a revision on the website.

It was noticed that a considerable part of the incoming traffic was bot infested, leading to the theft of proprietary content for competitive intelligence.The Cardekho team was convinced that these were bots as the changes reflected were real time and could not have been a human action in any possible way.

Such a malicious bot activity resulted in the disruption of genuine user traffic and depleted the revenue stream. Tracking these bots manually was a tedious task and with time these bots would evolve with more intelligence to escape IP blocking and blacklisting. At this point, Cardekho decided to intervene the shady situation by employing a reliable and a consistent solution that can effectively protect the website content from bots.

ShieldSquare Solution

Cardekho’s technology team had a clear agenda of tackling the bots negatively affecting their business. They decided to evaluate ShieldSquare in order to secure the car listings from theft.The solution had to be easy to integrate (plug and play) to cut infrastructure costs and quick in filtering traffic to ensure better performance. ShieldSquare was chosen owing to its exceedingly fast responsiveness in combating bad bots.

Post integration, ShieldSquare was deployed to monitor and assess the quality of the complete site traffic. It was noticed that most bots visiting the site cleverly emulated human behavior, thereby scraping the listings at a very high speed. By means of user behavior analysis and device fingerprinting, ShieldSquare was able to precisely identify the source and intent of the bot traffic.

As the bot patterns were recognized, Cardekho decided to challenge all bad bots with CAPTCHA and consequently block them from accessing the site listings. ShieldSquare ensured that no genuine users are shown CAPTCHA by means of leveraging bot intelligence across sites and big data analytics. Soon after the successful implementation of ShieldSquare, Cardekho is now able to identify 100% of the malicious traffic with zero false positives.

Benefits to "Car Dekho" after rolling out ShieldSquare:

1. Stopped competitors from scraping car listings by blocking bad bots.

2. IT resources were freed by automating bot detection and mitigation.

3. Zero false positives.

4. Proactively stopped bots before they could inflict any damage.

5. Increased customer satisfaction. The genuine user traffic increased, giving rise to an assured increase in revenue.


Customer:   CarDekho
Industry:   Online Auto Portal
Problem faced:
  • Competitors scraping car listings to lure customers away.
Why ShieldSquare?
  • Real time prevention of listings being scraped
  • Seamless Integration without any need of DNS Traffic Redirection
  • Self-learning bot prevention capabilities of the product

Their domain knowledge along with their expertise in anti-scraping & bot prevention is very rare to find. We feel safe with ShieldSquare.

Ajay Jangir
Head of Technology
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