Media Discovery Platform protects their unique listings from Web Scraping

The Media Ant is a unique market place for offline media and it provides a wide platform for the Media owners to list the details of their media on the site for advertisers to discover and execute. They have information for more than 75,000 advertising touch points across various offline media verticals and have a client base of more than 300 advertisers which makes them the best in what they do.

Business Problem

What makes "The Media Ant" differentiate itself from the lot and gives them the edge is, their curated unique listings on the site. This has been achieved by spending a lot of time and effort in curating the unique listings. They needed a seamless web content protection solution to protect their unique listings and retain their competitive edge.

ShieldSquare Solution

The Media Ant wanted a cloud based Content Protection solution that is easy to integrate without any on-premise deployment. At the same time, they also want to retain control on their site traffic and hence didn't want to re-route their traffic to external 3rd party provider by changing the DNS. They found that ShieldSquare solution met all their requirements. They were particularly impressed by the ability of ShieldSquare Engine to detect sophisticated bots in real-time by using Big Data Analytics and Dynamic Turing tests.

ShieldSquare's Integration was made seamless and team made sure that they were available 24x7 to support the "The Media Ant" team in resolving all the issues they faced during the integration process.

Post integration, the Customer was astonished to see the amount of bot traffic on their site and without a second thought, they immediately upgraded to the active mode of the solution in order to take action on bot traffic and retain their competitive advantage. Samir Chaudhary, Co-Founder of The Media Ant notes "Our data is worth a lot more than what ShieldSquare charges us to protect it. It was very logical to sign up immediately."

Benefits to "The Media Ant" after rolling out ShieldSquare:

1. They are rest assured that their content is well protected from the competitors and new players in this space.

2. They are able to protect site-generated revenues.

3. Genuine users were never disrupted from their access to the site.

4. Saving on server infrastructure costs as malicious automated traffic is eliminated.


Customer:   The Media Ant
Industry:   Online MarketPlace
Problem faced:
  • Protection of their unique site content from competitors and un- authorized 3rd parties
Why ShieldSquare?
  • Non-intrusive integration
  • Powerful Bot Detection Capability

We chose ShieldSquare for its powerful bot prevention capabilities, cost and ease of use.

Samir Chaudhary
Co-Founder & CEO
The Media Ant
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