Hear what people are saying about ShieldSquare

ShieldSquare saves its customers time, money and resources. Our clientele includes Alexa Top 500 sites and businesses whose content protection strategy was transformed after using our product. Here are a select few testimonials.


John Potter, Chief Technology Officer

We’re extremely happy with ShieldSquare’s solution that not only takes care of blocking all  the bad bots but also provides comprehensive bot analysis. ShieldSquare have really kept their promise of zero false positives, as a result we are able to satisfy our website visitors better than ever!


Magdalene Chua, Director, IT

We are happy that implementation of ShieldSquare has protected our listings and content from most scrapers, provided enhanced user experience, as well as reduced server loads.  ShieldSquare support has been excellent and their willingness to work with us to improve their product to further identify stealthy bots has given us added benefits.


Federico Barbagallo, Product Director

We could see a considerable reduction in the spam leads after integrating ShieldSquare. We were able to customize the algorithm based on our business needs and it improved the overall quality of the leads we deliver to our clients. It’s an awesome product!


Claire Lomax, Founder

Integration was quick and the support responsive and knowledgeable. We could immediately see insights on bad bot traffic hitting our website. ShieldSquare works like magic – blocks scraper bots, improves SEO and reduces our infrastructure costs. Our online content has never been safer.


Craig Overpeck, CTO

We invest a lot of time and resources to create high-quality content, and that’s the core value we deliver to our customers. ShieldSquare truly helps us focus on other critical tasks, while it blocks bad bots and keeps our content safe.


Chris van den Ende, Online Marketeer

We use ShieldSquare to protect our pricing and stock information and region-specific deals from malicious users and bad bots. It was very easy to set up and thus maintain our competitive advantage.


Ajay Jangir, Head of Technology

Their domain knowledge along with their expertise in anti-scraping & bot prevention is very rare to find. We feel safe with ShieldSquare.


Ben Krueger, Vice President / CTO

ShieldSquare rescued us from malicious bots harvesting our game keys. It has proven to be our best defense against online threats thus far.


Ralf Haze, CTO

ShieldSquare helps us stop scrapers, thus protecting our competitive advantage. And, all this with zero impact on user experience. That’s invisible protection at its best!

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