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ShieldSquare saves its customers time, money and resources. Our clientele includes Alexa Top 500 sites and businesses whose content protection strategy was transformed after using our product. Here are a select few testimonials.


Brent Stackhouse, Director of Security and Compliance

ShieldSquare solution met our stringent latency and false-positive requirements, and has virtually eliminated the threat we were facing from bots. ShieldSquare is a rare example of a company whose product exceeds the marketing promises.


John Potter, Chief Technology Officer

We’re extremely happy with ShieldSquare’s solution that not only takes care of blocking all  the bad bots but also provides comprehensive bot analysis. ShieldSquare have really kept their promise of zero false positives, as a result we are able to satisfy our website visitors better than ever!


Federico Barbagallo, Product Director

We could see a considerable reduction in the spam leads after integrating ShieldSquare. We were able to customize the algorithm based on our business needs and it improved the overall quality of the leads we deliver to our clients. It’s an awesome product!


Suyash Katyayani, CTO

Easy to use and integrate. They also have various modes of integration (server side only/ server + client side/ active mode/ monitoring mode). Fantastic Customer Support. Always up to the mark… always abreast with the latest patterns and attack mechanisms of bots. Overall, prevention from bad bots in a very cost effective way.


Boris Nađ, Technical Operations Manager

Together with ShieldSquare, we made our website a much safer environment for our users and their data, further branding Njuskalo.hr as a place to go for buying and selling online.


Francois Emmanuel Piacentini, CTO

Soon after deploying ShieldSquare bot management solution, the presence of bots on our portal reduced drastically. ShieldSquare’s team has been very supportive throughout the deployment time and till date.


Ben Krueger, Vice President / CTO

ShieldSquare rescued us from malicious bots harvesting our game keys. It has proven to be our best defense against online threats thus far.


Roberto Grandi, Analytics and Software Developer

We use ShieldSquare to filter non-human traffic from analytics to measure Marketing ROI metrics better. Earlier, it was time consuming to remove bot traffic. With ShieldSquare protection ‘ON’, we reduced the impact of bots in the analytical metrics.


Rene Molenaar, Proprietor

ShieldSquare’s detection method is a lot more sophisticated than something we could come up with ourselves.There are some solutions where you have to change your DNS so that the bot detection sits in between your website and visitors…With ShieldSquare, you don’t have to. You can add a connector to your website code or in your web server, that’s all.


Marco Gonzalo Gómez Pérez, CTO

An easy way to discover scraping bots entering your site. It lists all the bots scraping your site, legal as well as bad bots, and offers you multiple alternatives to reject bad bots: Captchas or false data. We now avoid competitors’ scrapers and know how many bots we are receiving.


Utkarsh Agarwal, CEO and Founder

At Inc42, we invest heavily in producing original and newsworthy content about the startup ecosystem. As a result, unscrupulous parties started scraping our content to republish elsewhere. ShieldSquare helped us eliminate content theft by blocking scraper bots from accessing our website, which also boosted our readership and SEO efforts.

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