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This is what happens when bots influence cart abandonment in eCommerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 12, 2016 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

With the proliferation of mobile devices, and faster Internet connectivity, ​eCommerce websites are capitalizing on this boom by trying to acquire as many customers, and sell them as many products. However, almost all of these websites will be facing a common problem: cart abandonment. It simply is, abandoning the shopping cart after adding items to it. This is a globally recognized problem, and the industry average for cart abandonment stands at 68.63%​ For an eCommerce website receiving hundreds of thousands or even millions of hits a day, it’s highly unlikely that all the traffic will only be from humans and good bots. Also, when a majority of the Web traffic is from bots, a portion of this traffic can be from automated bot programs that are executed with malicious intents. The infographic below shows the influence of malicious bots on cart abandonment and how this impacts eCommerce websites. Some common issues include:

  • Product unavailability for genuine users
  • Reduced conversion rates
  • Reduced revenues and ROI
  • Reduced CTR for ads​


Cart abandonment rates in eCommerce due to bots


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