How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution - A Webinar with Forrester Research | Watch Now

How To Choose The Right Bot Mitigation Solution A Webinar with Forrester Research Watch Now

Web scraping in online travel industry is here to stay and threatens many players in the ecosystem. Detecting and mitigating malicious bots that scrape pricing data and unique content could definitely help your business from unnecessary leakage of information.Bots target websites with travel content, reviews and rating websites, airline websites and online travel aggregators (OTAs).

Impact of Bots on Travel Websites

Unwanted GDS queries

Unwanted bot queries for flight tickets can incur unnecessary charges on your travel site. Cost levied by the Airline GDS (Global Distribution System) will increase significantly because of fake GDS queries made by bots. The fake GDS queries can be used to scrape prices of tickets by your competitors. These fake queries can cost money and will certainly never generate a legitimate booking.

 Travel portal bot prevention

Scraping of Ticket Pricing

Scraper bots are the most obvious threat for online travel websites. Scraper bots can be deployed by your competitors and fraudsters to scrape your dynamic pricing of airline tickets. Scraping your pricing information can give your competitors an unfair advantage and can prove to be a long term business loss.

Keeping your pricing safe from competitors can help you retain customers, partners and brand competitiveness.

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Improve KPIs and decision making

Bot traffic that is not detected and mitigated is often mistaken to be genuine and does not reflect on the analytics dashboard. The Key Performance Indicators are misrepresented due to undetected bot activity, leading to poor decision making and estimation of demand.

Information skewed by bots in the web analytics data provide you with metrics that are artificial and far from reality. It will provide incorrect information and affect your business strategy and marketing spendings. This will result in missed targets and low ROIs.

Avoid Fake Traffic Hits

Increase in Infrastructure costs & Poor website performance

Bot traffic making unwanted queries and API calls can spike page requests, which can result in unnecessary server costs. Millions of requests generated by bots spamming your website, can overload and slow down your site. Genuine users that are frustrated by navigating through your website may end up on a competitor's website.

Mitigate bot threats

Step Up and Take Action

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