ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Businesses offering their services over the internet are under constant threat from bots. Bots impact the competitiveness of a business and bring down its potential revenue. Most of the bots are designed by the competitors to gather competitive intelligence, steal content and impact the business. Bots slow down the website and bring down the site’s SEO as well.

Following are some of the categories of online businesses at risk from the bot attacks:


Classified sites spend a lot of money to build unique listings on their site. More listings on the site lead to more traffic and more revenues. Competitors steal these listings by scraping the content on the site. This impacts the traffic and the revenues of the Classifieds Portals.

E-commerce Portals

Product prices in E-commerce portals are time sensitive and play a key role in attracting users. Competitor bots try to steal the price information real-time and use it as a competitive intelligence to out-price the eCommerce portal. These bots also steal content from the product catalogue.

News Sites And Blogs

News Sites and blogs thrive on the discussions generated by the users. But, bots can play spoilsport and spam the comment feed by hijacking the thread. It impacts the credibility of the page and limits the user retention. Spam comments can also lead to a lower page ranking in Search Engines.

Aggregator Sites

Genuine Aggregator sites spend a lot of time in integrating the APIs of multiple sites to make the necessary content available for the user in one single place. They are exposed to the risk of scraping by new players to replicate their aggregated data and affect the business competitive edge.

Travel Sites

Travel sites revenues are being hampered by unwanted scrapers who steal their pricing data, offer details and use it against them to drive away the customers. The bot traffic also slows down the travel portal, impacting the genuine user experience.

Sites With User Generated Content

Sites with user generated content are the prime targets for bots that trawl the web in order to spam them. Preventing these bots from spamming the content is very essential for multiple sites like Discussion Forums, Wikis and Review sites etc.

Online directories

Online Directories are a major target for bots stealing the content. The main business drivers of the Online Directories are the comprehensiveness of the directory and if the same is scraped and replicated elsewhere, it is a blow to the business competitiveness.

Job Portals

Job portals and other professional networking sites can be easily compromised by nefarious bots. Loss of privacy and breach of confidentiality are major issues for these sites to deal with. Rogue users can use bots to scrape content that can have revenue impact to the portal.

Coupon Sites

Coupon sites thrive on the burgeoning demand for the offers which they aggregate from multiple sources. Competitors indulge in scraping to capture aggregated content impacting the competitive edge for the original coupon site.

Matrimony/Dating sites

Privacy of user’s data is the fundamental building block for adoption of Matrimony and Dating sites. If the personal information is hijacked by bots and the same is misused that can have a severe impact on the credibility of the site.

Real-Estate Listing portal

The business driver for online property portals is the builders advertising their properties on the site. Bots create spam leads that cause frustration to the builders and reduces the trust in the portal. Also the portals are targeted by competitor bots to steal the unique property listings impacting business competitiveness.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are fuelled by growing transactions and interactions between buyers and sellers. Scraping of buyer/seller information as well as transaction information can have an impact on the competitiveness of the business.

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