Protect your website content


Safeguard your most valuable asset with ShieldSquare – trusted by “Alexa Top 500 Global Sites”

Protect your business from the wrong guys

  • Prevent theft of your content by competitors

  •  Stop bots that scrape your prices and listings

  •    Stop spam leads that frustrate your advertisers

Fortify your security with ShieldSquare

Deal with the bots

Deal with bots the way you want

Block bots from your site, challenge them with captchas or feed junk data

Get notified of new bots via our bot feed

Get detailed visibility of your bot traffic in the dashboard


Your real users are never troubled

Our Big Data Analytics & Dynamic Turing Tests are fine-tuned for zero false-positives

Rest assured, your genuine traffic will not be impacted


You stay in control, always

Server side REST API integration ensures that things are under your control

Doesn't involve any DNS traffic redirection that can bring down your site or make it slow

Easy Integration

Integrate easily to any platform

Integrate the API into your stack in less than an hour

Do it yourself guides will help you do it lightning fast

Multiple Cloud Connectors for frameworks you choose

Trust built on numbers

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Web Pages protected

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Bots detected in last 30 days

  • Testimonial

    ShieldSquare has built a state-of-art bot detection platform which is extremely easy to integrate.

    Damian Codotto, Co-founder

  • Testimonial

    Choosing ShieldSquare was a no brainer. The product really lived up to our expectations

    Balaji Raghavan, CTO


  • Testimonial

    ShieldSquare is a must to have solution for any content portal. We are extremely impressed with how ShieldSquare can stop bot traffic.

    Chandan Raj, CTO


  • Testimonial

    As a travel website that has painstakingly researched, verified and curated content for home stays, we were very concerned that our data would be scraped by our competition. With ShieldSquare, we are assured that our content is protected.

    Tejas Parulekar, CEO


  • Testimonial

    ShieldSquare delivered its promise of giving excellent protection to our web content. I am quite happy with it and would highly recommend it !

    Manas Wadhwa, CEO


  • Testimonial

    We chose ShiedSquare for its powerful bot prevention capabilities, cost and ease of use.

    Samir Chaudhary, Co-Founder & CEO

    The Media Ant

  • Testimonial

    ShieldSquare is changing the dynamics of Web Content Protection. For business like us where content is the key differentiator, ShieldSquare is indispensable.

    Rama Jamili, CEO


  • Testimonial

    We were always sniffed for prices by our competitor. ShieldSquare came as a savior and we could now protect our pricing information and ensure competitive edge.

    Karthik Ramaiah, CTO


  • Testimonial

    ShieldSquare helped us to completely stop spam leads generated due to bot traffic. Advertisers are happier now and productivity of our teams have enhanced.

    Ganesh Vasudevan, CEO


  • Testimonial

    ShieldSquare helps us to proactively defend against bots, protecting unique and time-sensitive content on our portal.

    Manish Taneja, CEO


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Retain your competitive edge with ShieldSquare

Online Marketplaces, Ecommerce, Classifieds and News sites are under attack by scrapers and bots. This is impacting their business growth and making them lose their competitive edge!

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