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How Online businesses are benefitting through ShieldSquare

"After integrating ShieldSquare, spam leads generated due to bot traffic on our Online RealEstate Portal has completely stopped. Advertisers on our platform are happy as they are getting good leads and productivity of our teams have enhanced. I strongly recommend ShieldSquare"

IndiaProperty Ganesh, CEO at IndiaProperty

"ShieldSquare helped us quickly identify all the bots scraping content on our site. We had suspected some suspicious activity but had no clue so much was going on! As a course discovery platform, our data is crucial to our differentiation & by helping protect it, ShieldSquare plays a very important role for us"

SlideRule Parul, Co-Founder at SlideRule

"We could identify and block the competitor bots that were scraping pricing and product information on our E-commerce portal after integrating ShieldSquare. This provided us significant competitive advantage along with improving website performance. Integration with ShieldSquare API was seamless and fast."

Kobster Karthik, Director at Kobster

It is imperative to protect your content to stay ahead of your competition