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Meet Us at World Aviation Festival 2019 | Book a Meeting Now

Download and Install

With a few simple steps, you can integrate ShieldSquare bot prevention to your Drupal powered website. Download the ShieldSquare Drupal plugin from the admin portal (sign up to access the admin portal), and extract the .zip file. Login to your Drupal dashboard, navigate to the Modules section and upload the ShieldSquare module. After upload, enable and save the ShieldSquare_Integration module.

Drupal bot block plugin
Drupal spam blocker plugin

Configure and Verify Plugin Installation

After enabling the module, navigate to the configuration section and select ShieldSquare - Bot Prevention Solution. The configuration form lets you input the required parameters for proper functioning of the plugin, without coding overhead for your development teams. Verify the Drupal integration from your admin portal to make sure your website is now automatically protected from bot threats.

Note: It’s recommended that you choose Monitor mode for first time integration, and contact us for verifying the integration

Key Benefits

Built-in CAPTCHA and block page capabilities for continuous protection

Enable or disable the module at any time for flexible management

Assured protection with regular plugin updates

Continuous and scalable protection to your growing website

wordpress spam filter plugin

Protect your online business from bot threats

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