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How to choose the right anti-bot solution?

Real time anti bot solution

Stopping bad bots from crawling your website is a work for experts in the field. But before opting an anti-bot solution, there are few parameters to consider which would help you to choose the right anti-bot solution.

What should you consider when choosing a bot prevention solution?

1. Zero false positives:

With the advancement in technology, Bots are evolving constantly. Intelligent bots mimic the genuine human behavior and go undetected. And in an attempt to block a bot, a genuine user is penalized or restricted entry to your website. So before choosing the right solution, make sure the anti-bot solution you opt is equipped to distinguish a genuine user from a bot effectively.

2. No DNS re-routing:
Understanding the dire consequences of traffic redirection (DNS redirection) is necessary as, sensitive details like transactional data, credit card data are passed on to the service provider.

3. Easy integration and compatibility:

The anti-bot solution should provide seamless integration with any web and mobile application without consuming much of your team's time. It should support a wide range of integration options that meet the customer's business needs.

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