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Digital publishers are vulnerable to automated attacks, including insidious problems such as ad fraud, content scraping, skewed analytics, and form spam. Fraudsters deploy bots to scrape content, create false impressions, and generate illegitimate clicks on digital publishing websites and mobile apps. Invalid activity performed by bots also adversely affects user experiences, click-through rates, and tarnishes a publisher’s brand reputation. ShieldSquare applies a collection of supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques to prevent invalid activity across digital media assets.

Impact of Bots on Digital Publishers

Digital Ad Fraud

Automated traffic generates fake impressions and undermines publisher’s efforts to provide optimum results to the advertisers on ad campaigns. Bots perform invalid activity and drain ad serving resources. Cybercriminals defraud publishers and siphon off ad dollars. Bots weaken publishers’ efforts to build a premium ad inventory. Automated traffic also impacts ad verification reports and harms quality scores.

ShieldSquare’s bot mitigation solution ensures accurate measurement of the quality of ad engagement and human impressions. We combine industry experience and domain-specific machine learning models to combat cookie stuffing and SIVT (Sophisticated Invalid Traffic). ShieldSquare’s bot detection engine leverages collective bot intelligence to ensure that ads are shown only to humans.

digital ad fraud

Content Scraping

Fraudsters and third-party aggregators deploy bots to scrape content and illegally reproduce the stolen content on ghost websites. The plagiarized content harms publishers’ brand reputation and impairs their ability to monetize content. Hackers target unique research, editorial pieces, product reviews, and other monetizable paywalled content. Such scraping attacks negatively impact a publisher’s SEO efforts and cause revenue loss.

Our bot detection engine accurately determines the intent behind automated attacks and effortlessly averts content scraping attempts. ShieldSquare applies deep behavioral analysis at a higher level of abstraction of ‘intent’ to identify invalid ad traffic across web pages.

Content Scraping

Skewed Analytics

The presence of invalid traffic on a publisher’s website skews on-site analytics and impedes the marketing team’s efforts to evaluate actual human traffic. The generic activity-based bot detection logic used by traditional security systems and third-party traffic verification companies is ineffective in filtering and estimating non-human traffic on digital publishing websites.

Our JS tag integration provides publishers with real-time analytics and comprehensive forensics. We analyze over 250 parameters to detect non-human traffic (NHT) across web pages. ShieldSquare’s JS tag can be seamlessly integrated into analytics platforms such as Adobe and Google Analytics.

sewed analytics

Poor User Experience

Malicious bots deluge community forums with spam comments, fake registrations, and form spam. They intrude into discussion boards and post irrelevant comments to divert the attention of members. Bots also perform black hat SEO tactics to promote low-value or irrelevant sites.

ShieldSquare leverages advanced device and browser fingerprinting technologies to stop fake registrations in real-time. Our non-intrusive API-based solution is effective across desktop as well as mobile applications. We block bots before they spam forums or submit any forms.

poor user experience

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Increase Ad Revenue

Increase Ad Revenue

Filter Bots from Analytics

Filter Bots from Analytics

Secure Published Content

Secure Published Content

Industry Recognition

Verified by TAGShieldSquare is recognized by TAG as a trusted player in the digital ad ecosystem
A Leader In The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management, Q3 2018Forrester Research establishes that “ShieldSquare offers broad attack detection coverage and robust threat research”
Cited In The Gartner Marketing Technology Vendor Guide, 2018ShieldSquare is recognized for its ad verification capabilities

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